Sunday, 6 January 2013

Smart and Interactive Textiles

Conductivity, Power Sources, Monitoring and Health, Communication and Interaction, Fashion, Soft Interfaces, The Interactive Future

This chapter examines the exciting developments in Interactive Textiles, and contains sections on Power Sources, Soft Interfaces, Fashion, Communication and Monitoring.

Interactive Textiles

scent dress

Dr. Jenny Tillotson constructed this scent dress to mimic the body’s circulation system. An interactive fabric emits a selection of scents depending on your mood to create a personal “smell bubble.” Probably not the most stealth of outfits. 

The Bubble mood-sensing dress

Just the idea of slipping into such a tasteful bubble dress from Philips called SKIN, will rejuvenate you (of course, only if you're at home and then plan to adventure into it). It’s a mood reading dress, which glows with lighting effects and blows with bubbles in response to the user's emotional state. The emotion sensors here lay embedded into the inner layer of the dress. The outer layer then, changes color in response to your mood. It works by monitoring physical changes associated with different emotions. Emotions like stress, arousal or anxiety will cause the dress to change its color and pattern according to the intensity of the emotion.

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